Abundant urine smelly causes? 99

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Abundant urine smelly causes? 99

No one bothers about smelly urine, many people ignore it thinking it is normal. But you will be surprised to know that urine has no smell of its own. The smell of urine depends on the type of food we eat every day.

Sometimes even drinking less water can cause burning or smelly urine. According to doctors, the musty smell of urine is mainly due to ammonia.

However, excessive smelly urine indicates a physical problem. Find out exactly which diseases cause excessive smell in urine when it takes root in the body-

Urinary tract infection:-

Bacteria mainly cause foul smelling urine. So it is important to be careful if the urine smells bad. However, if there are multiple symptoms such as not only the smell of urine, burning in urine, frequent urge to urinate, then you must go to the doctor.


If the blood sugar level increases, various problems can occur in the urine. Diabetics cannot digest sugar like others. As a result, their urine smells bad. At the same time, diabetes also increases the tendency to urinate frequently.

Sexually transmitted infections:-

Another cause of smelly urine is sexually transmitted infections. This infection can have a major negative effect on the urine and bladder. Sometimes these infections cause inflammation of the urinary tract, which can change the smell of urine. But apart from being sexually transmitted, UTIs can cause foul-smelling urine.

kidney stones:-

Kidney stones can cause extra foul smelling urine. Salts and other minerals accumulate to form stones. This build-up can be one of the causes of bad breath.

Fungal infection:-

Fungus is a microorganism that naturally lives in various parts of the body, including the vagina. However, excess fungi are responsible for vaginal yeast infections.

Urinary tract infections in women can cause symptoms such as itching, redness, vaginal swelling and frequent white discharge.

Source: Myoclonic/Health

Abundant urine smelly causes? 99

Abundant urine smelly causes? 99 Abundant urine smelly causes? 99 Abundant urine smelly causes? 99 Abundant urine smelly causes? 99 Abundant urine smelly causes? 99

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