What to do after a disaster

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What to do after a disaster

  1. Remove uprooted trees on roads, try to repair broken roads as soon as possible. So that support team can come easily and communication is possible quickly.
  2. Help people return home from shelters and give shelter to others in your home or village.
  3. Rescue people who are floating in canals, rivers, ponds and seas or trapped in forests or swamps with the fastest rescue team.
  4. Team up and start a rescue operation with the help of ropes and boats to rescue people stranded on islands or at sea. A rope or bamboo can be delivered to the person trapped in the river to help him in the rescue operation.
  5. Administer first aid to the injured. Arrange for the immediate transfer of the seriously injured to the nearest hospital. Burial of the dead should be done as soon as possible.
  6. Arrange for dead animals to be buried in the ground rather than floating in rivers or canals. 7. Boil pond or river water and drink it. Catch rainwater.
  7. Arrange for quick relief to affected areas. Distribute relief (on priority basis) in special arrangements for women, old, disabled and sick.
  8. Cyclone and flood victims should try to be self-reliant instead of waiting for NGO or government help and try to help others as much as possible.
  9. Try to stand on your own feet instead of waiting for relief. Work instead of relief. Create job opportunities. Relief should be distributed in such a way that it encourages people to work rather than discourage them.
  10. Prepare the land for fast productive paddy and vegetables, collect seeds and start farming to get the crops home as soon as possible.

What to do after a disaster What to do after a disaster What to do after a disaster

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