Low back pain (LBP) 0704

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Low back pain (LBP)

Low back pain (LBP) or lumbago is a common disorder involving the muscles, nerves, and bones of the back, in between the lower edge of the ribs and the lower fold of the buttocks. Pain can vary from a dull constant ache to a sudden sharp feeling.

Our spinal cord is oblivious from the base of the head to the anus. There are 33 vertebrae. This vertebra has many names. Below the thoracic region are the lumbar vertebrae. From the lumbar vertebra to the coccyx vertebra of the anus we call this part the low back. We commonly refer to this pain as back pain.

Spine has a specific shape. But if you don’t sit properly, the shape is not maintained. Alignment is lost. Again, if you lean forward for a long time, the pressure on the lumbar disc is more. Such pain is caused by him. A second cause of pain is the spasm of the hip muscles from sitting for long periods of time. It also destroys the alignment of the spine. The result is back pain.

But there are some causes of Low back pain.

  • As you age, the discs—straight or round—that fit between each vertebra lose their cushioning ability, causing one backbone to rub against another, causing back pain.
  • Many people may experience back pain as a result of hard work. Back pain can also be caused by lifting heavy objects, straining or twisting the back. These cases usually resolve with a little rest. Apart from this light exercise can be done
Low back pain 
  • We know that whether we carry anything from our own body weight on our hands, head or shoulders, its weight travels through the spine through the legs to the ground. As a result, there is more pressure on the lower part of the spine near the waist. The spine is again made up of 33 small bones or vertebrae. Between the two vertebrae there is a round disk, or disc, which runs down the sides of the spine to many nerves. If for some reason pressure is placed on the vertebral disc, the disc moves back and forth, putting pressure on the nerves that descend from the sides of the spine. This type of pain usually occurs when the bones of the spine wear down (usually with age) or when the muscles on either side of the spine are suddenly stretched (muscular spasm).
Low back pain (LBP) 0704
  • You can break a vertebra during a fall or other accident. However, in most cases, fractures develop as a result of osteoporosis. Over time, your vertebrae may become crushed, causing moderate to severe back pain when walking or when nerve compression occurs.
  • Pain in various kidney problems starts from the back. Especially the back to lower abdomen is confined to this area. Sometimes this pain also causes vomiting.

LAP meaning

Doctor to see for low back pain:

Doctors who work with pain also know about back pain. You can go to them. Pain is actually multidisciplinary in origin. Many can treat. I wouldn’t say wrong going to orthopedics or others for that matter. But the fact is that he can get treatment if he goes to a pain specialist. Immediately we talk about when he will go to the interventional pain specialist. For example, one phase of pain management is what we call conservative management.

That is to cure the pain by taking medicine or to cure the pain by lying down or to cure the pain by doing some exercise. Many times, when pain does not subside after two to three weeks of such treatment, interventional pain specialists have a huge role to play. Interventional pain management has two parts. There is a minimal intervention. There is another maximal intervention. Which is major intervention i.e. surgery.

In this case, treat your back pain under the supervision of a back-pain specialist physiotherapy consultant and lead a healthy and normal life. Remember, 90-95 percent of patients with back pain do not require surgery.

low back pain

Ways to get rid of back pain: –

If you have back pain, keep the fluffy balls away from the head for the time being. The reason for this is that if you sleep with your head on the pillow, this problem may occur due to the lack of proper body posture. So no matter how much you love pillows, try sleeping without a pillow under your head for now to reduce back pain. Even if you work continuously, you are harming your body. So don’t sit in one place for more than two hours. It is best to take five minute breaks every hour. Get up, take a walk, drink coffee, drink water. Just take a break.

Many people have the habit of having tea in the morning or in the afternoon. You can get rid of back pain only through tea. However, normal tea should not be consumed. Green tea with ginger should be consumed to relieve back pain. Ginger green tea bags are easily available in the market. Besides, using ginger while making green tea also gives results.

Bend both knees to zero and lift them above the waist. Hold both arms straight together. Now extend right arm and left leg and left arm and right leg in cycling posture. Extend right leg and left arm, left leg and right arm alternately. Repeat twelve times on both sides. This exercise can also be done by stretching the right arm and right leg. Repeat three to four times.

When choosing exercises, consider lifestyle and what is causing the pain. These exercises are very useful for those who work while sitting. Again, for those with lower back pain due to prolonged standing, flexion-based exercises are beneficial to strengthen the muscles in the front of the spine.

Just as strength is needed to reduce pain, muscle stretching is needed to maintain alignment. Muscles that have contracted with spinal stability exercises should be stretched to lengthen them. Only then will the spinal alignment be correct. So stretch should be done along with core exercise.

Dermatologist / ডার্মাটোলজিস্ট এর কাজ কি?

ophthalmologist/ চক্ষু বিশেষজ্ঞ

Cardiologist / কার্ডিওলজিস্ট

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