13 ways to control stress

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13 ways to control stress

  • Don’t worry about people. Worrying about who is doing what is one of the reasons for increasing one’s stress. There will be another problem, worrying about other people’s issues will create an attitude of comparing oneself with others. You will feel stress in terms of money, social status, status, car, house, ornaments, clothes, beauty, etc. So be happy with what Allah has given you and give thanks to Allah. Then you will feel absolute peace in your heart Insha’Allah.
  • Fulfill your responsibilities and duties with utmost sincerity. Don’t go for less that your full potential. Do not swallow dhemki on request. Otherwise you will have to be under extra stress.
  • Excessive contact with people is one of the main causes of stress. So keep a limited relationship with relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, classmates, etc. The more extensive the relationship, the more you will be trapped by various obligations.
  • Don’t be greedy. The greedy person is obsessed with money, wealth, status, etc. They are frustrated if they lose a little money or are denied a job promotion.
  • Do not squander your wealth and comfort beyond your means. People who artificially sacrifice everything for themselves are waiting to be appreciated and appreciated by people for their words and deeds. But if he doesn’t get it then his mental instability and tension increases.
  • Enjoy today. Leave it to God to decide what will happen tomorrow. Enjoy the blessings of Allah as well as worship. Do not increase stress by worrying about the world ahead.
  • Spend some time alone every day. Do not have a relationship with anyone in the world at this time. Especially stay away from social media like internet, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. At this time, criticize yourself and pray to Allah. Then you will see, Allah Almighty will release you from your mental stress Insha’Allah.
  • Read the biographies of the wise, read their advice and valuable sayings, then their life experience and advice will make your path in this world easier, Insha’Allah.

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  • No matter how many dangers and problems come in life, such as financial loss, bad test results, illness, etc., do not worry too much about them. Rather simply accept. Remember, nothing happens beyond the written destiny of Almighty Allah. There may be welfare in danger which is not visible to man outwardly. But surely Allah does nothing but wisdom.
  • Don’t take everything too seriously. It is not right to take every word or deed of man seriously. It is not right to analyze everything in depth. Instead, keep the joy in your mind, learn to smile when you meet people. May the fragrance of flowers come out in your words and deeds. Then Insha’Allah the mind will be fresh and the mental stress will be reduced.
  • It is important to get the necessary food, sleep and rest.
  • Make a list of important daily tasks and do the first one before the next one. But in doing so, do not put yourself in trouble. Remember, erratic activities increase emotional turmoil and create stress.
  • Every job needs to be 100 percent accurate. For, the quality of perfection belongs only to Allah. Anxiety, tension, instability surrounds those who are thinking of doing everything right. As a result, their stress is extreme.

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13 ways to control stress 13 ways to control stress 13 ways to control stress 13 ways to control stress 13 ways to control stress 13 ways to control stress

13 ways to control stress

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