Some ways to reduce household expenses

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Some ways to reduce household expenses

More or less all of us want to reduce household expenses. But, it is not possible without proper planning. So there are some tips for those who want to reduce household expenses for a long time.

List of All Expenses:-
You might be spending 100 multiple times a day. But, thought ‘only 100 taka, not much’. However, your perception will change if you adopt this strategy. Write down the number of times you spend 100 rupees every day. Do this throughout the month. Then at the end of the month add up the total cost, you will be surprised. Because, at the end of the month, the sum of your spending of only 100 rupees will be quite big. This will help you save a lot of costs. You can identify areas of unnecessary spending.

Consciousness in gas and electricity consumption:-
Many of us are not aware of gas and electricity usage. But the two sectors of regular monthly expenses of our family are gas and electricity. So you have to be very conscious about the use of gas and electricity. Then you can reduce some household expenses from here too.

Reduce online subscriptions:-
In modern times we subscribe to many online platforms for entertainment. But, those platforms do not watch movies, dramas or anything else. So unsubscribe these platforms. Then you can reduce some money every month from here. Which will be helpful for your household expenses.

Avoid luxury beauty products:-
We are tempted to use expensive creams to get rid of skin wrinkles and keep our skin beautiful. But, in reality, the skin needs a good diet. Need plenty of water and hydration. For this, use almond or coconut oil instead of expensive creams. The skin will be good and the household expenses will also be reduced.

Be thankful for savings:-
Change your attitude towards money. Don’t beat yourself up for not earning enough or not having enough money. Instead, be grateful for what you have. You’d be surprised how much this shift in attitude can help reduce costs.

Cash transaction, not card:-
Set aside a certain amount of money for expenses each week and spend only that amount. However, definitely spend cash. Because if you do card transactions, you will not even know how much money you are spending. So do cash lanes not cards. Then you can easily understand how much money is being spent. Which will help you to be careful about spending.

Reducing the use of expensive cleaning products:-
It is possible to make many cleaning products at home. For example, you can use vinegar and baking soda to clean the drain. Lemon juice can also be used to clean common stains, fridge or window glass. So there is no need to use only luxury cleaning products for these. From here the cost of the family will reduce to some extent.

Selling old stuff:-
There are many things in the world that are not useful. It lies in a corner of the room. These things become obsolete as they become obsolete. Or maybe it doesn’t need to be used. But, what is useless to you, may be very useful to someone else. So sell the old useless things. Then some money will come from there. Old things are often on sale these days. There are also many online platforms for buying and selling antiques.

Eat home food:-

We often eat out. Or go to an expensive restaurant on weekends. But, have you ever thought how much extra money you have to spend every month for this? So avoid this practice. If you want to eat something special, try to cook it at home. It will save cost and strengthen the relationship with everyone in the family.

Cycling or walking to work:-
If your workplace is close to home. Then you can walk or cycle to work. This practice is a very effective way to reduce costs. At the same time exercise will also be done for you, you will be fit.

Source: The Daily Star

Some ways to reduce household expenses Some ways to reduce household expenses Some ways to reduce household expenses Some ways to reduce household expenses Some ways to reduce household expenses Some ways to reduce household expenses Some ways to reduce household expenses

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