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LAP meaning -08769

LAP meaning

Lower Abdominal Pain (LAP) is a known problem in girls. It can be caused by lower abdominal pain in women. But it’s not always a girl’s problem. Because in addition to the uterus, ovaries, there are bladder, parts of the large intestine, appendix.

It’s normal during menstruation, and can be severe in 1 in 10 women. Tumors, fibroids or endometriosis in the uterus will cause pain. Some people feel pain when the egg is released from the ovary.


In addition, if there is infection in the urine, infection in the uterus and surrounding areas, appendicitis pain, sometimes the fetus is implanted in the ovary instead of in the uterus and the ovary ruptures. This is an emergency. Along with severe abdominal pain, blood pressure can drop due to bleeding throughout the lower abdomen.

Drink plenty of water. Do not hold back urine. Empty the bladder by urinating before going to bed at night. Personal hygiene is important.

Lower Abdominal Pain

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