How much is the YouTube play button?

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How much is the YouTube play button?

YouTube Creator Award, commonly known as YouTube Play Button, YouTube Play Button is a gift from YouTube authorities based on the number of subscribers of a channel, given to the creator of that channel, this YouTube Creator Award or Play Button has a total of 5 levels, they are Silver, Golden , Diamond, Ruby Red Diamond.

How much money does this button cost

Many people believe that Golden Button contains Golden and Diamond Play Button Diamond is completely wrong, Play Button does not contain any gold or diamond, if you got it, you can’t sell it anywhere. This Play Button is worth only to the person who gets it, it is not worth two cents to anyone else. In a more simple way, if I want to say that this play button is an award or reward, you got an award for doing something, it is an invaluable asset to you, because you have worked hard for it.

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