Wood apple benefits

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Wood apple benefits

Wood apple is a fruit we all know very well. This fruit is shaped like a cricket ball. The upper part of the fruit is as hard as wood. The inside is soft. The leaves of this tree are small. The trees are woody and quite large. Many people have the idea that there is no nutrition in the sand. Guava and jackfruit have almost the same nutrients. Besides, there is a lot of amount of meat. Let’s find out one by one what are the benefits of eating Wood apple

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Stomach disease
An ingredient called Wood apple tannin. Which makes stomach pain and diarrhea better. The bark of this tree is mixed with honey to cure diarrhea. Indigestion is better by playing raw Wood apple with small cardamom and honey. Moreover, cholera and piles also do well.

Keeps the kidneys well
Wood apple acts as a diuretic. As a result, playing Wood apple keeps the kidneys well. Not only this, with the help of Wood apple you can do better for your liver and heart. Note that ancient Indian medical scientists used Wood apple as a medicine to cure kidney problems.

Increases blood
Mixing Wood apple powder with candy increases blood flow and energy in the body. Wood apple also cleans the blood of our body. Magic plays a role in reducing blood pressure.

Wood apple benefits

Facial makeup
If you have acne or pimples on your face, you can apply raw Wood apple juice with honey on your face. Wood apple is a nutritious and vitamin rich fruit so the skin stays good.

To cure stomach ulcers
If you boil the leaves of Wood apple and drink it with water for a while, stomach ulcers are better! In addition, ulcers are better treated by playing Wood apple.

Beneficial in diabetics
Wood apple leaf Extract eating insulin is produced in the body! So Wood apple leaves are used to prevent diabetics.

Treatment of diarrhea


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