What to do if you don’t sleep well at night

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What to do if you don’t sleep well at night

Sometimes it may seem that you have made all kinds of preparations for sleeping. But still not sleeping. This happens to many people. But there are various ways to get rid of it.
According to a report of German-based press Deutsche Welle, we can peek into the brain as a result of modern technology. Electrodes on the scalp can record brain waves. Simultaneously, muscle tension, movement and respiration are also recorded.
Every 100 minutes of falling asleep, a person falls into a deep, deep, and finally dreamlike sleep. This cycle repeats several times each night.
Sleep scientist Aline Lipps says a hypnogram is analyzed at the end to distinguish between good sleep and bad sleep. It tells about the type of disappearance. The type of sleep stage at night is also identified. From there, it is clear how deep sleep phase was enough at night. If the body does not wake up for light sleep, the reasons are also known. And if you don’t sleep well at night, it affects the day.
Coal pillow: Most people prefer to sleep on their side. Due to this, both the knees rub and the back is bent. As a result, knee pain occurs. Doctors ask to keep a small pillow or lap pillow between the two knees. It keeps the back in position and does not rub the knees.

Changing the position of the mattress:

The correct position of the mattress is important for good sleep. It is not comfortable if there is a gap of three fingers while sleeping in it. For this reason, the mattress should be changed once every six months. Again, if there is pain in the neck or body, it is better to turn the mattress over.

Sudden noises:

Some noises while sleeping at night can disturb sleep. Like a sudden train or some sound of loud soundbox playing. If this sound happens at the same time every day, then many people get used to it. Even if a cat or a dog calls suddenly, sleep is interrupted. In this case, experts suggest playing an audio recording. So that certain sound waves flow.

Switching off the lights:

It is important to switch off the lights in the room before going to bed at night. The hormone melatonin is needed for sleep. So experts advise to turn off the lamp at least half an hour before going to sleep. At the same time, digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. should be switched off.


According to studies, after overeating, sleep is never good. Because the stomach is so full due to overeating that the brain then gives rise to nightmares.

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