The shape of the fish is a robot.But what does it do?

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The shape of the fish is a robot.But what does it do?

Looks like a fish. Can swim perfectly if left in water. But this fish is not ‘live’. Machine made body. A student researcher at the University of Surrey in England created the fish to keep the water free from plastic pollution.

Extremely small particles of plastic, also known as microplastics, are increasingly worrying health experts. These plastic particles are so small in size that they are mostly invisible when drinking water. As a result, this plastic enters the body invisibly and harms health. The device created by the University of Surrey can rid the water of these plastic particles, its creator claimed.
A single particle of microplastic can be as large as 0.2 inches or 5 millimeters in diameter. It is not possible to see it quickly with the naked eye. A mechanized robot fish will make the impossible possible. If left in water, the robot, named Gilbert, will swallow the microplastic and filter out clean water from its stomach.

The internal structure of Gilbert’s body is also somewhat similar to that of a fish. Even though he is a robot, he has mechanical Kanko in his body. Gilbert filtered the water by filtering the microplastics in that Kanco filter. This machine-fish recently participated in a competition of robots. Gilbert lost the rest of the robots and snatched the title of the best there.

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