The case against Professor Dr. Yunus will continue

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The case against Professor Dr. Yunus will continue

Chairman of Grameen Telecom and Nobel laureate Dr. Alleged violation of labor law. The case against Muhammad Yunus will proceed in the Labor Court
Dr. regarding the dismissal of the application for cancellation of the case. The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court dismissed Muhammad Yunus’ leave to appeal on Monday
Justice Md. A three-member bench of the Appellate Division led by Nuruzzaman challenged the judgment of the High Court. Muhammad Yunus rejected this request and gave this order As a result, Dr. The case against Yunus and three others will continue in the labor court
However, the full order of the Appellate Division is not yet known in detail Court Dr. Barrister Abdullah Al Mamun appeared for Muhammad Yunus Attorney General AM Amin Uddin appeared for the state and advocate Khurshid Alam Khan for the Directorate of Factories and Establishments.
Lawyer Khurshid Alam Khan told The Daily Star, “Dr. Grameen Telecom’s Directorate of Inspection of Factories and Institutions for violating labor laws.” The case was filed on September 9, 2021 against Muhammad Yunus and three others.”
“There is no legal bar to the Labor Court reopening the proceedings in this case after the Supreme Court’s order.”
Prof. Yunus’ lawyer Barrister Abdullah Al Mamun said Grameen Telecom is a non-profit organization, his client is not actively involved with Grameen Telecom.
Note that on October 12, 2021, a labor court in Dhaka in the case of violation of labor law, Dr. Nobel laureate. Bail Yunus
The case alleges violation of labor laws Among these are some workers who were supposed to be made permanent but they were not made permanent Workers’ Participation Fund and Welfare Fund have not been constituted Besides, certain dividend was supposed to be paid to Sramik Kalyan Foundation but it was not given


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