Stroke symptoms and what to do

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Stroke symptoms and what to do

Stroke is called cerebrovascular accident in medical terms. There is a common concept, stroke heart or heart disease. Not really. A stroke is an accident of the entire brain or a fatal problem with complications of blood vessels in the brain. A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted for some reason. The blood supply to the brain is interrupted especially by the blood vessel being closed or the blood vessel is torn. Blood contains oxygen and nutrients. As a result brain tissues die due to lack of oxygen. The World Stroke Organization has been observing World Stroke Day on October 29 every year since 2006. To mark the day, experts have suggested what to do in case of a stroke.


  • Blurred vision, darkness around or double vision with turning the head.
  • Difficulty walking and balance problems, the part of the body that controls the brain cells can also become paralyzed.
  • The whole body may sweat.
  • Weakness or paralysis, one side of the body becomes useless, sometimes the arms and legs become paralyzed.
  • Bending of the face.
  • Stuttering or difficulty speaking.
  • Sudden unbearable headache with vomiting and urinary incontinence.

To be done

  • If symptoms of stroke occur, the patient must be hospitalized or referred to a neuro medicine or neurology specialist depending on the patient’s condition or nature. Apart from this, the physiotherapist overcomes the inertia of the patient by moving the organs through various exercises for rehabilitation. A stroke patient experiences intense anxiety. He feels threatened by the suddenness of the situation, breaks down mentally. Which has a negative effect on his physical development. Therefore, the stroke patient needs the constant support, close monitoring and care of the family members the most. Care must be taken to protect against back pain, keep the side back according to the rules. The patient must be mentally courageous. So to reduce the risk of stroke we all should follow a healthy lifestyle and ensure the treatment of the affected patient without delay.

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