Soybean to prevent bone loss

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Soybean to prevent bone loss

Few vegetarian foods are as rich in protein as soybeans. Nutrient-rich soybeans are equally beneficial for people of all ages, except those with kidney disease and arthritis. Bone loss is especially common in women after menopause. Soybeans can also play a significant role in reducing this problem.

For calcium:-

According to a statistic at the University of Hull in England, regular consumption of 30 grams of soybeans for 6 months in post-menopausal women can significantly prevent bone loss problems such as osteoporosis. Eating soybeans 3 days a week and regular soymilk can prevent bone loss. After menopause, the amount of calcium in women’s bones may decrease. As a result, bones become brittle. Soy protein contains a substance called phytoestrogen, which helps maintain calcium levels.

Aids in blood circulation:-

Soybean contains two anti-oxidants called isoflavin and lecithin. They help to keep low-density cholesterol levels normal. This cholesterol is very harmful for the body. This cholesterol causes problems like heart disease and stroke. Antioxidants in soybeans can play a significant role in combating this problem.

To retain youth:-

Soybeans contain isoflavins. This compound helps in keeping the skin and hair shiny. Apart from this, as the lecithin in soybean keeps the blood circulation normal, the skin cells are strengthened and look healthy. It gets rid of premature aging. Also, lethicin in soybeans helps increase the rate of fat metabolism. It also keeps the weight under control.

However, it is not right to eat more than 50 grams of soybeans. Many people have trouble digesting too much soy. Only those who cannot consume milk, i.e. lactose intolerant can consume soy milk regularly. But if you want to eat it regularly, it is better to consult a doctor.

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