Smart phones are the cause of the explosion

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Smart phones are the cause of the explosion

Reports of smartphone explosions are rare. The user is getting injured as well as dying. But do you know, some mistakes in the use of smartphones are responsible for this explosion. Not only smartphones, but also various devices, smart TVs, headphones have also been reported to explode.

  • One of the causes of smartphone explosion is phone overheating. So take care that the phone does not get hot. Avoid paying extra charges for this.
  • Many people talk, play games or scroll Facebook while charging the phone. They cannot be done at all. The phone may heat up and explode in the hand. It is suitable to use the charger provided with the phone to charge it. Even if it looks the same, using a low-quality charger can cause the phone to overheat. Internal equipment may be damaged. Even the battery of the phone can cause short circuit problems. An explosion can happen at any time.
  • Sometimes explosions can also occur due to phone malfunctions. This can be during construction or during use. So get the smartphone serviced whenever any fault occurs. Using a faulty smartphone is absolutely not okay. The fault caused the lithium ion battery inside the phone to explode.
  • Malfunction in power connection can also cause smartphone explosion. Many times it is seen that electrical sockets in the wall are provided and smartphones are charged there. It can cause the smartphone to explode at any time due to short circuit.
  • Do not keep the phone under the sun for a long time. Do not charge the phone in the sun. Also avoid charging the phone in excessively hot and humid places.
  • Older smartphones are more prone to explosions. So avoid very old models or using the same phone for a long time. Many people change the battery from the neighborhood store when the phone is old. Most of the time it is not the original battery of the company. Counterfeit batteries are more likely to explode. Source Times of India

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