Maryam Flower Benefits 697

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Maryam Flower Benefits

This flower is called “Maryam Flower” or “Maryam Booty” after the mother of Prophet Jesus, “Hand of Fatima” after the name of the Prophet’s daughter Fatima, and according to its properties, it is called “Resurrection Plant”.

Because this flower looks dry and dead. But after soaking in water for a while, the petals start to melt. In a short time it blooms fresh and full like a boiling flower. This is a wonderful flower.

The history of Bibi Maryam during the time of the Prophet says that this natural flower helps in conceiving a baby by the grace of Allah and helps in reducing labor pains.
It is said that when delivery pain occurs during the birth of a child, the flower should be soaked in warm water with yellow yolk in an open vessel in the delivery room. If wet, the flower will slowly bloom and the delivery person’s uterus will open and the pain will increase. As it continues to be wet and blossomed by the grace of Allah Ta’ala, the birth of the baby will be very easy. When it becomes a baby, the flower has to be removed from the water. And after this flower is removed from the water, it is smaller as before because it can be used multiple times. This is the Maryam flower.
Those who want to conceive should soak the root and drink its water before and after the Tahajjud prayer, and it must be consumed before the Fajr prayer.

Flower Benefits 697 Maryam Flower Benefits 697 Maryam Flower Benefits 697 Maryam Flower Benefits 697 Maryam Flower Benefits 697 Maryam

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Maryam Flower Benefits
Maryam Flower Benefits

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