How to Stop Vomiting in a Car

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How to Stop Vomiting in a Car

When the vehicle starts to move, the fluid in the inner ear begins to move. The inner ear sends signals to the brain. But if your eyes are inside the car while the car is moving, then your eyes say, you are not moving, you are standing still. In such a situation, there is an imbalance between the signals of your brain, eyes and inner ear.

As a result, many people vomited. This is however due to ‘motion sickness’. Any cause of vomiting should be stopped immediately. Many people take different medications to stop vomiting. Even if it temporarily solves the problem of vomiting, vomiting may return. Some home remedies to control vomiting can also be beneficial. Here are some home remedies.
1) Many may not know that vomiting can be reduced by holding the breath for some time. Suppose you are sitting in a car. Feeling nauseous at such times. Feel like throwing up right now. Take slow, deep breaths without thinking about this situation. Keep your eyes closed. If you stay like this for some time, you will see that the nausea will go away.

2) Lack of water in the body increases the risk of vomiting. So, if you vomit, do not drink water at that time even by mistake. This will increase the problem, not decrease the book. If you have to drink water, cold water is not at all. Instead, you can eat a little bit of lukewarm water. You will get relief.

3) You can keep cardamom seeds with you if you feel nauseous after getting into the car. At that time, a few seeds in the mouth can relieve nausea.
4) Mix half spoon of cinnamon in a cup of water and boil it. You can strain it and eat it. Vomiting problems can be reduced.

5) If you have previous experience of vomiting while getting in the car, it is better not to eat full stomach before traveling. Take a light meal and board the bus. But not on an empty stomach. Apart from that, you can also keep vomiting medicine.

Vomiting hurts the body. feels weak You can eat salt-sugar water at this time. You will get strength. Weakness will be reduced.

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