Foods that weaken sperm.

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Foods that weaken sperm.

Decreased sperm count can cause headaches not only for men but for the entire human society. Many who want to have children are unable to have children because of this, according to experts.

However, many still feel shy to talk about sperm problems or infertility. So there is a lack of awareness about exactly why this happens. While the exact cause of male infertility is debated, there is no room for debate that diet plays a major role. Let’s know about what foods can weaken male sperm –

Processed meats:-

Processed meat is one of the main causes of low sperm count. Bacon, salami to hotdogs, burgers – these types of meat are used in fast food. A study done on these types of food made this clear. Processed red meat in particular is considered more harmful in this regard. However, no such effect was observed in chicken meat. However, researchers are not sure what exactly causes such an event.

Extra fat milk:-

Today many are seen injecting cattle with steroids to increase production. Such drugs also affect milk. Milk from medicated cattle is high in fat. A recent study on 18 to 22-year-old men says that consuming such milk and dairy products has a negative effect on sperm movement, speed and shape. So before buying milk, you should know this matter well.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides:-

Not only food, the chemicals currently used to grow ingredients and preserve food are also seriously responsible for sperm problems. The effects of fertilizers and pesticides can be severe. Almost all vegetables contain such chemicals in food. As a result, it is difficult to avoid these chemicals. Cultivated with organic fertilizers and without the use of pesticides, eating such vegetables can have some benefits.

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