Foods that are soaked will increase their nutritional value

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Foods that are soaked will increase their nutritional value

It is important to follow the rules to stay healthy. Your body condition depends on what you eat. There are certain foods that are better eaten wet than dry.
Many people eat soaked almonds when they get up in the morning. According to nutritionists, not only chickpeas or almonds, there are other foods, which, if soaked before eating, increase their nutritional value. Now the question is, which foods are more beneficial if eaten by soaking?
1> Dal:- Many people have digestive problems after eating dal. To get rid of this problem you can soak the pulses before cooking. Soaked pulses are helpful in digestion.
2> Rice
In almost all households, rice is washed and soaked before cooking. As the nutritional value of rice is increased by soaking it, the harmful chemicals in the rice can also be removed.
3> Chickpeas
Eat raw chickpeas or lick with Kabli chickpeas, soaking them before eating makes them easier to digest. Soaking chickpeas is also beneficial in cooking. Also, soaked chickpeas take less time to cook.
4> Nuts
Dry roasted almonds are good to eat. But when it comes to health, it is better to soak almonds. Soaked almonds help in controlling blood cholesterol levels.
5> Flaxseed
From maintaining bad cholesterol levels in the blood to maintaining good gut health, flaxseed is most effective. Many people eat dry flaxseed mixed with yogurt or smoothies. But nutritionists say that soaking flaxseed is most beneficial.

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