Benefits of Amla

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Benefits of Amla


Amla  is one of the most powerful herbs for our body. You can eat it every day and it has no side effects. Amla has all the wonderful benefits of your body. Amla juice helps to cleanse the blood. This juice is also very effective in diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Regular consumption of this juice on an empty stomach in the morning will increase the body’s energy and also increase digestion. Amla juice contains 46% Vitamin C. In addition to vitamin C, it contains elements like iron, calcium and phosphorus.

Benefits of Amla
  • Amla acts as a hair tonic and is an important ingredient in hair care. Not only does it strengthen the hair follicles, it also helps in hair growth. Am eliminates dandruff problem. It contains a lot of vitamin C which helps to prevent hair maturation. Amla contains iron and carotene which help in hair growth. Amla contains fatty acids that strengthen hair follicles.
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  • Soaking amla powder in a glass of water will help in digestion. Amla pickle with food helps in digestion.
  • Honey can be eaten mixed with amla juice every morning. This will remove dark spots on the skin and increase the radiance of the skin.
  • Amla juice helps in improving eyesight and also solves various eye problems such as eye inflammation, itchy eyes or watery eyes. Amla is useful for keeping the eyes well. It contains python-chemicals that help prevent eye degeneration.
  • Also, drinking amla juice every day removes bad breath and keeps teeth strong. Amla juice enhances the taste and flavor of bitter mouth. To increase appetite and increase appetite, you can mix a little honey and butter with amla powder and eat it before eating.
Benefits of Amla
  • Amla boosts the body’s immune system and reduces stress.
  • Amla is very useful in vomiting, insomnia, pain.

Benefits of Amla Benefits of Amla Benefits of Amla Benefits of Amla

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