Be careful downloading smartphone apps

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Be careful downloading smartphone apps

People often download apps on their smartphones for various reasons. From various banking apps, shopping websites to social media, listening to music, photo editing apps are available on everyone’s phone. In this, hackers create fake apps and spread malware on users’ phones. Then stealing personal information.
Google claims in a recent security report that they have banned more than 100,000 apps that many people used to use. If your phone also has fake apps, then delete them from the phone quickly.
Protect apps and devices from malware threats with Google Play Protect. Turn on Google Play Protect. For that go to profile icon in play store app and tap on play protect, enable scan app with play protect in settings.
** You can get your device verified certified. For that open the Google Play Store app. Click on the profile icon at the top right. Then go to settings and check if your device is Play Protect certified or not.
**Read the app description carefully before downloading. Found lots of spelling or grammar mistakes in an app? In this case, you can take it as a possible indication of a fake app. Because there is no doubt that any trusted developer would not make such a mistake. So having such mistakes in the basic details of an app means that the app is more likely to be fake.
** A very good way to check if an app is real or fake is to see the number of downloads it has. If the number of downloads is very high, it is never possible that so many people have been cheated by it.
** Try visiting the app developer’s website. Also try to know about it from app store description. Before downloading an app try to know about its developer.
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Be careful downloading smartphone apps Be careful downloading smartphone apps Be careful downloading smartphone apps

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