Urine RE Test

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Urine RE Test

That is, diagnosis from urine.

The body’s fluid waste is urine. The kidneys filter all the waste of blood through the nephron and expel it out of the body through the ducts in the form of urine. The normal color of urine is watery or amber. When this color changes, it can be considered as a prognosis of a disease. On average, a person urinates 40 to 60 ounces (1 to 1.5 liters) per day (24 hours). The amount of urine depends on drinking water or watery liquid food. The smell of urine depends on what we eat, for example, if someone eats raw or half-cooked vegetables, their urine will be slightly fragrant. When fish, meat, milk and eggs are eaten together, it causes digestive problems, resulting in bad smell of urine and feces. If someone drinks too much alcohol, the urine will smell of alcohol. The following is a discussion of how doctors treat urine based on its color, odor, and sediment: –

If you urinate like brown or tea leaf-soaked water color, you must understand that someone is suffering from dehydration. In this case the kidneys produce more concentrated urine. So if someone urinates, it should be understood that this problem is due to lack of water. If the urine is dark or dark even after drinking a lot of water, then you should understand that there is blood in your urine. If the urine is not bright red, it should be assumed that there is bleeding from the kidneys, which indicates a kidney infection.

The smell of sugar or flowers in the urine indicates diabetes. If there is a problem, take some sand in a clay pot. Then put the urine in it and keep it in one corner of the room. If ants get up in that sandy urine, then it must be understood that there is sugar in the urine.

In this case, the blood purification process of the kidneys changes. As a result, some sugar can be found in the urine.

Sulfur and amino acids increase in the body after eating half-cooked vegetables. After digestion of this food, if it goes to the kidneys for purification, bad smell of urine is created. When the food is fully digested and excreted from the body, there will be no bad smell in the urine.

People with multi-avitaminosis, hyper-B2 avitaminosis, have neon or yellow urine. In addition, if the amount of bilirubin in the body increases, which means jaundice, the urine turns yellow. There are many more reasons why urine is reddish yellow. Notably, increased bile, more sexual intercourse, pigmentation, raw turmeric, saffron and less water can cause reddish-yellow urine.

If the color of the urine is red, you should seek medical help immediately and check the urine to see if there is any blood in it. If the girl has this problem, she should understand that she has an infection in her urinary tract. If blood is always found in the urine, it carries the sign of bladder cancer regardless of the male or female.

The main causes of bleeding with urination are ulcers or tumors in the bladder and urethra, kidney stones, glomerulo nephritis, enlarged prostate gland (EH), kidney infection or tumor, severe injury to the kidneys, prostate cancer and excessive exercise.

In this case, you have to check the urine to see if there is pus with the urine. Those who have white urine have lower body temperature and lower digestion. Although bilirubin production is lower than normal, urine is white. Urine is white despite the presence of albumin in the urine.

If there is a block anywhere in the nervous system, this color may cause urination. When there is bleeding inside the body, even if there is any carcinogenic substance in the body, the urine becomes dark.

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