Asia Continent

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Asia Continent

  • Area of ​​Asia – 4 Crores 45 lakh 69 thousand sq. Km. Or 1 Crores 82 lakh 12 thousand square miles.
  • Asia is separated from the continent by Africa – The Red Sea and Suez Canal
  •  Asia separates Africa from Saudi Arabia, Africa – the Red Sea
  •  Number of independent countries and UN member states in Asia – 50.
  • The last independent country in Asia – Timor-leste (2002)
  • Asia’s population is 4.561 billion or 4,560,667,108 (2018)
  • Asia’s largest country by area and population – China.
  • Asia’s smallest country in size and population – Maldives.
  • Kazakhstan is the largest Muslim country in Asia and the world.
  • Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in Asia and the world.
  • Maldives is the smallest Muslim country in Asia and the world in size and population
  • The largest island in Asia – Borneo (Kalimastan), Indonesia

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Asia Continent Asia Continent

Asian Country flag
01 Afghanistan26Mongolia
03Azerbaijan 28Nepal
04Bahrain29North Korea
05Bangladesh 30Oman
07Brunei 32Palestine
08Cambodia 33 Philippines
09China 34 Qatar
10Cyprus  35Russia
11Georgia 36Saudi Arabia
12India 37Singapore
13Indonesia 38South Korea
14Iran39Sri Lanka
16Israel 41Taiwan 
17Japan  42Tajikistan
19Kazakhstan 44Timor-Leste
22Laos47United Arab Emirates
23 Lebanon48Uzbekistan
Asia Continent

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